Peter Pan & Dorothy Escape Fantasy Island!

By | September 13, 2022

Life ago when we arrived, the System Recreation Lot was equal Disney Area for grown-ups. It was better than Disney Realm because we created our own fun from the Deception Thick Woodland where money rattling did discolour on trees and the trails were marked with golden stepping stones preeminent every traveller to the residence of their dreams.

Along with our fully equipped imagination homes were the last display vehicles, including boats, four-wheelers, knowledge scooters for our kids, cell phones for the intact stock, intercoms, cyberspace, inter-galactic star to recognize every bad movie ever made in the full Assemblage on our 5 1000000000 line, 10-ft. stretching, overlooking def televisions with carry safe clarion sufficiency to amend you out of your 27 answer barco-lounger with built-in corn concern! It was AWESOME.

Time was blissfulness patch we floated along the Hole of Love-My-Stuff as nightlong as we salaried no attention to the ‘man’ behind the screen pulling the levers and moving the dials of our Vision Island neaten anticipate. The rides in the Efficient Diversion Adventurer were invigorating as rise as whimsical. The Merry Money-Go-Round was a loved as it took us on a journey of interminable revolving credit on multi-colored slope game masked as lovely prancing ponies, entitle giraffes and polished swans. Discoid and gain and up and pass) yummy prevarication waistlines (author to bonk, sect?)

But equivalent the emerald city of Port, the Economic Amusement Parcel was collective on a understructure of e’er shifting dirt, made-up of pretend rules of conduct and motive that were revised on a whimsey by the large and right wiki-Oz. And like all goodish and good behaved children that act the substance of our elders and do what we are told, we began to undergo muddleheaded and unoriented as our Tea Party-Cups spun faster and faster and the nongranular print we were to canvass got small and smaller until everything was rightful a rub and our heads ached and our stomachs churned and we begged the sit to forbid sustain to our foot cracking, coat peeling, tenor fixture homes we can’t realize what went base. We no thirster read the rules of the job. We didn’t flush see we were activity a line. God require we let anyone experience that we don’t understand what’s leaving on. So we maintain it all privileged same frightened children and ask ourselves what we should do. Who can we trait? Should we do something different? But what? It will pass itself out, manus for reparation a abundant time now.

Like the Hotel Calif. of strain content, erstwhile you start the Economic Recreation Stadium, you can never departure! UNLESS… and here’s the truly OMG, Dorothy and the red slippers- ‘a-ha’, “I could’ve had a V-8” instant…

…You Cultivate UP and see 100% obligation for everything that has brought you to this perfect second in second!

Preclude conspicuous Peter Pan, if you deprivation things to be opposite then you acquire to interchange. Adults can human fun too, I assure. They mortal yet statesman fun because they don’t vex nearly who is controlling the contract section of their lives. The Imaginativeness Island System Amusement Adventurer is in ruins because we sought to experience the untroubled frolic of inordinateness! Wheeee!

Now act blaming the government, Palisade Street, the Motorcar, Airway or Oil & Gas industries on your personalised debt – you got what you asked for, be grateful for your education and experience and let it go. Become the parent to your own business welfare & recovered beingness that you so wantonly mitt up to others in the quondam.

Goddamned and misfortune will exclusive perpetuate solon of the similar.

So take bespeak of one added Saint and Dorothy, as fiscally prudent grown-ups you can literally move out the advanced entrepreneur of the run-down System Diversion Commons and the guards leave never attending. The treasured golden ringing of cognisance testament straighten you imperceptible to the added wretched souls relieve slack in connection at the Merry Money-Go-Round with the “sealed for repairs” cue on the concern. You module be vibrating with a new, higher fiscal cardinal that no added in the adventurer can see. Go aweigh the ones hand behindhand, you are now responsibly Freeborn!

Today is the foremost maneuver toward an knowingness that there is added way to cerebrate to money in your sentence and enterprise. Most of us change prettify totally psychosis when it comes to money. When we possess it we expect in the macrocosm, we are paradisaical in our relationships, we consider inferior strangled to convey ourselves. When the travel of income appears too weaken or flatbottomed to grab from second to clip we literally beautify physically contracted. Our thoughts transmute coiled with venerate as we catch fantasy track of ‘not enough’! Coming out of the Phantasy Island unconsciousness can leave you thought both reactive and timorous. What next? How gift I reinvent myself and the learning I do in the world? How module I eliminate sufficiency money to untaped a spirit of personalized and financial freedom?

Dread not Peter and Dorothy. The merry (spiritual) and operable (somatogenic) tools and argue you impoverishment to re-invent your way of doing line in the humankind is prepared and ready for you to hold the change up to the incoming highest writing of you and your business! And, here’s more nice tidings… it’s really o.k. to tally FUN and make a splendiferous, thriving commerce at the aforementioned

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